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Programmatic Malaysia 2019

Everything you need to know about Programmatic and it’s landscape in Malaysia!

About Programmatic Malaysia 2019

In Asia Pacific, programmatic is no longer a buzzword but a media shift that needs to be understood and successfully deployed by all stakeholders in media to stay ahead. This conference brings together leading industry stalwarts, expertise from ad technologies and most importantly, the buyers and sellers that fuels the programmatic economy to discuss topical issues that are facing the programmatic ecosystem.

Programmatic Malaysia 2019 will be the second annual conference brought to you by Star Media Group Berhad.

Why should you join?

Be educated in the future of advertising

Programmatic advertising decreases operational costs by automating processes

Growth in the advertising industry

Stimulate media revenue by increasing the capability of ad targeting

Be fluent in the ad tools

Learn to select the right tools for the size of your organisation (small, mid, enterprise)

Technology disruption

Discover technology tools to unlock potential in your business

Video Highlights

Get inspired by peers

Watch some of the highlights from our conference last year. 

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